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Standard terms of the “Mortgage” loan program: 

Loan / loan facility currency KGS
Loan / tranche / loan facility amount

Up to 7 000 000 KGS

Remuneration rate (% per annum) KGS *

From 18%

The loan facility maximum term

Up to 60 months

The loan / tranche maximum term under the loan facility

Up to 60 months

Charge for organization of the loan facility

From 1,5%

Form of repayment


•  Monthly PD and %;

• Grace period for repayment of the principal debt is possible.


• Policy holder – the Borrower or a third party –collateral guarantor (collateral provider under a security contract);

• Beneficiary – is the Bank under a Certificate of Insurance / Insurance Contract;

• Insurance object – property received by the Bank as the Security;

• Insurance premium – paid at the expense of the Borrower's own funds as a single payment for the first year of a loan contract;

• Insured amount is determined by an insurance company;

• Insurance term – the Insurance Contract is to be concluded for the whole term of the loan contract.

Form of financing


loan facility (non-revolving in case of lending of construction of a residential building)

Loan purpose

Purchase of ready-made housing, purchase of housing in a newly-built building, construction of a residential building;

Refinancing of loans granted for purchase, construction, acquisition of a land plot.


In accordance with the Bank’s collateral policy the acquired immovable property (only ready-made housing) may be the Security;

In case of insufficiency of the mortgage security an additional collateral may be accepted - the acquired immovable property is accepted (only ready-made housing and the Company’s Guarantee).

Terms of application processing 14 days
Additional provisions

Initial contribution upon the purchase of immovable property is 35% or more of the cost of the immovable property to be purchased   

* Effective interest rate: in KGS from 22,16%.

** Interest rate and repayment schedule depend on the requested amount, loan term, financial solvency, collateral provided, etc. Upon your request, the credit manager will provide you with a repayment schedule according to the amount requested and above conditions.

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Calculate loan repayment

The calculation result is informative. The exact parameters of the loan will be calculated by the Bank by results of consideration of your application. Please note that the exact calculation and repayment schedule will provide You with a credit specialist in the Bank’s offices.