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Kyrgyzkommerts Bank started issuing credit cards

20 June 2017

Kyrgyzkommerts Bank began issuing credit cards with a grace period on the basis of Mastercard and Visa international payment systems.

A credit card with a grace period is a modern solution, thanks to which you will always have money to pay for goods and services you are interested in.

Kyrgyzkommerts Bank offers credit cards that allow you to get the necessary amount at any time. They have a credit limit (up to 500,000 KG soms), within which you can withdraw and spend money without paying interest. This is especially useful when you urgently need money for daily expenses or relatively small purchases.

Grace period (up to 45 days), gives you the opportunity to take the amount needed, get what you dreamed of, and then refund the money - for example, when you get your salary. The only thing that is required from the cardholder is a serious approach, keeping track of the days remaining until the end of the grace period, the ability to manage your finances rationally. If this is all right with you, you can be sure: paying off on such a card and timely repaying 100% of the borrowed funds, without waiting until the grace period ends, you can afford more than before.

Using such a card, you get rid of the need to contact the bank every time you want to take a loan. At any time you can get money by cashless method or withdraw cash from the ATM - of course, within the limit.

Credit cards of Kyrgyzkommerts Bank are distinguished by transparent and profitable tariffs. Thus, the credit limit for Mastercard and Visa cards is up to 500 000 KG soms, the interest rate for using the card is up to 30% per annum.

The main advantages of using the credit card of Kyrgyzkommerts Bank are: maximum flexible loan repayment terms - the minimum monthly payment is from 5% of the customer's debt to the Bank; The product is designed according to the principle "When you do not use - you do not pay anything;

A credit card from the Kyrgyzkommerts Bank will allow you to have at hand the necessary amount of money at any time.

Full information on the terms of issue and use of credit cards from Kyrgyzkommerts Bank can be found on the Bank's website at the following link: http://kkb.kg/creditcard/


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