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10 advantages of new debit cards from Kyrgyzkommertsbank

18 December 2017

Kyrgyzkommertsbank has launched an issuance of Mastercard Standard Contactless and Visa Classic payWave with favourable terms and tariffs. Now cardholders can receive a cashback at the rate of 1% from each purchase and obtain cash commission-free in any ATM machine of the Kyrgyz Republic.

We have prepared 10 advantages of new cards as follows:

1. Cashback 1% from each purchase.

Upon each purchase that was paid with Mastercard Standard Contactless card or Visa Classic payWave in a trade and service enterprises or on the Internet, Kyrgyzkommertsbank returns 1% of the purchase price back to the card. The number of payments made and the amount of purchases are unlimited.

2. Commission-freecash-out.

Now cardholders may not worry about where to withdraw cash or how to find a nearby ATM machine of their bank. With new MasterCard Standard Contactless and Visa Classic payWave from Kyrgyzkommertsbank commission fee for withdrawing cash in any ATM machines of Kyrgyzstan is 0 KGS.

3. Card income up to 5%.

Now You can not only pay with card, but also receive a stable income from it. Kyrgyzkommertsbank accrues 5% per annum on the balance of funds placed on the card in KGS. Such reward is being accrued daily for the balance of funds on the card. The amount of the accrued reward is being credited to the card every month on the last calendar day of the month.

4.  Free issuance and yearly service.

Kyrgyzkommertsbank issues Mastercard Standard Contactless and Visa Classic payWave cards free of charge. Yearly service during the first and subsequent years is 0 KGS.

5.  0 KGS for the payment of public utilities and other services.

With the help of Internet banking service Homebank.kg You can pay for utilities, cellular communications, TV, Internet and other services without leaving Your house on a commission-free basis.

6. Up to 10% R!Bonuses.

Pay for the goods and services with card from the partners of the Rakhmat bonus program and get up to 10% R! Bonuses! They can be spent at any of the partners of Rakhmat program. 1R! Bonus is equal to 1 KGS. Complete list of partners

7.  7% R!Bonuses when booking at booking.com web-site.

Kyrgyzkommertsbank together with an exclusive partner booking.com provides holders of Mastercard Standard Contactless and Visa Classic payWave cards an opportunity to receive a refund at the rate of 7% of the booking amount in the form of R!Bonuses when ordering a room anywhere in the world on the web-page of the partner booking.com. Terms and conditions of the program

8.  Card replenishment fee – 0 KGS.

You can replenish your card at ATM machines with a cash-in function or at the cash-desks of Kyrgyzkommertsbank branches.

Addresses of Cash-in ATMs
Addresses and contact details of branches

9. 0 KGS for the receipt of balance statement in ATM machines of Kyrgyzkommertsbank.

If you are uncomfortable in keeping track of the balance on the card account via Internet banking service Homebank.kg, You can always receive a free statement on the balance of funds of the card at ATM machines of Kyrgyzkommertsbank.

10. Three accounts on one card.

Mastercard Standard Contactless and Visa Classic payWave cards provide an opportunity to perform transactions simultaneously on three accounts as follows: in KGS, USD and Euros.

In addition, with Mastercard Standard Contactless card You can make online transfers from the card to the Mastercard of any bank using Homebank.kg financial portal. From the card to the Mastercard card issued by Kyrgyzkommertsbank You can transfer monetary funds with a commission fee of only 70 KGS, regardless of the transfer amount. Transfer from Mastercard of any bank to the Mastercard issued by Kyrgyzkommertsbank is carried out on a free of charge basis.

Become one of the first holders of the most advantageous card from Kyrgyzkommertsbank without leaving Your home or office. You can order it online with a free delivery throughout the Kyrgyzstan:

Mastercard Standard Contactless

Visa Classic payWave


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