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USA Dollar USD 68.4500 68.7000
 EUR 80.4000 81.4500
 RUB 1.1600 1.2050
 KZT 0.1950 0.2090
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USA Dollar USD /  KGS 68.4500 68.7500
 RUB /  KGS 1.1761 1.2125
 KZT /  KGS 0.2006 0.2102
 EUR /  KGS 80.4300 81.7400
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USA Dollar USD /  KGS 68.4500 68.7500
 RUB /  KGS 1.1600 1.2100
 KZT /  KGS 0.1950 0.2110
 EUR /  KGS 80.1000 81.5000
Currency 19 October 20 October
USD 68.6136 68.6450
EUR 80.6004 81.0354
RUB 1.1980 1.1924
KZT 0.2056 0.2057
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1.00 4 315.50 -
2.00 7 529.50 -
5.00 17 399.64 17 591.52
10.00 34 058.50 -
31.1035 103 164.00 -
100.00 284 950.08 290 952.00
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"Kyrgyzkommertsbank" OJSC has launched remote banking service OnlineBank, designed for exchange of electronic documents between client and the bank using Internet.​

One of the main advantages of the system is mobility. OnlineBank system is not attached to a specific place - if you have access to internet, you can easily check cash flow on your account, check and approve their transfer, as well as perform other banking transactions.

Using of OnlineBank system will save your time and money, as you no longer need to go to the bank, waste time on the way and hurry to conduct payments. With OnlineBank can make payments without leaving your office.

Experienced call-center staff who underwent OnlineBank training  will help you any time.

Is it safe to work via Internet?

In OnlineBank system secure path of data exchange between your computer and Bank server is used, as well as technology of digital certification, in which permission for operation is given by system only after these operations have been confirmed by digital certificate that is unique to each client. Issuance of  digital certificate is made through certification center of «DOS TEK GROUP» LLC.

All documents that you have sent to the Bank, are stored on a special secure server and can not be accessed from outside. Herewith you can define the order and priority of signing of your payment documents to ensure greater security of your money.

What OnlineBank can do?

With OnlineBank system you can perform following operations:

  • Payments in national currency 
    • payment for goods, works and services rendered
    • making social, tax and other obligatory payments
    • transfer of salary to plastic cards 
  • Currency transfer and conversion 

    • money transfer in foreign currency 

    • foreign currency conversion

  • Accounts

    • monitoring of balance and cash flows on all accounts in "Kyrgyzkommertsbank" OJSC 

    • receipt of electronic statements for any period of time

    • management of accounts of subsidiaries and affiliates 

  • Guide

    • different types of guides and databases (payment codes, bank names and codes, exchange rates, etc.)

How to connect to OnlineBank system?

In order to connect to OnlineBank system you need to follow 3 easy steps:

  • Open an account with "Kyrgyzkommertsbank" OJSC
  • Sign contract on service through OnlineBank system
  • Obtain necessary equipment: Rutoken, RutokenPINPad 

Fee for use of OnlineBank system? 

Payment for use of OnlineBank system consists of 3 parts:

  • One-time payment for electronic digital signature bearer
  • Monthly subscription fee
  • Annual fee for certificate issuance*
  • In case of change of client's details or changes in authorized persons with the right to dispose an account in the Bank, certificate re-issuance is required.   

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