Money transfer
Currency Buy Sell
USA Dollar USD 69.7000 69.9000
 EUR 78.7500 79.7000
 RUB 1.0770 1.0920
 KZT 0.1770 0.1890
Currency Buy Sell
USA Dollar USD /  KGS 69.7000 69.9000
 RUB /  KGS 1.0690 1.1008
 KZT /  KGS 0.1778 0.1889
 EUR /  KGS 78.7600 79.9700
Currency Buy Sell
USA Dollar USD /  KGS 69.6500 69.9500
 RUB /  KGS 1.0400 1.1100
 KZT /  KGS 0.1700 0.1900
 EUR /  KGS 78.5000 80.0000
Currency 20 Mart 21 Mart
USD 69.7627 69.7563
EUR 79.2051 79.1281
RUB 1.0847 1.0852
KZT 0.1854 0.1845
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Граммы buy sell
1.00 4 410.73 -
2.00 7 723.26 -
5.00 17 943.51 -
10.00 35 044.55 -
31.1035 106 233.84 -
100.00 295 793.45 -
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Internet acquiring

"Kyrgyzkommertsbank" OJSC offers a new solution for development of your business via the Internet - acceptance for payment of payment cards via the Internet with secure data transfer (via SSL protocol, 128-bit key length).

Acceptance for payment of payment cards in online shop - is:

  • An alternative possibility for a buyer to pay in your online shop. Offering to pay with payment card in your virtual shop, you significantly simplify procedure of payment for your customers, which means increase of your competitiveness.

  • Growth in number of customers. Acceptance of payment cards – is a significant expansion of customer base. Number of card holders is growing continuously.

  • Security of payments. We want conducting payment by payment cards through Internet to become as comfortable and secure as in ordinary store. Therefore, our specialists have developed number of measures to reduce risks: mandatory registration of online shops, mandatory CVC2/CVV2 input, 128-bit key length secure channel, using certificates of well-known international certification center Thawte Server CA.


In order to connect to Authorization center  (, it is essential for a few conditions to be met:

  • To sign service contract with "Kyrgyzkommertsbank" OJSC.

  • To provide necessary technical conditions for acceptance of payment cards, in particular, interface by which one can write up an order and pay for it with a card.

It should be noted that our specialists developed such a solution in which the seller (online store) does not need to enhance security measures for keeping confidential information (card number, expiration date, etc.) of card holder, as all this information is transmitted securely directly to server of Payment cards authorization center (