Money transfer
Currency Buy Sell
USA Dollar USD 69.6500 69.8000
 EUR 82.2000 83.1000
 RUB 1.1600 1.2060
 KZT 0.2070 0.2140
Currency Buy Sell
USA Dollar USD /  KGS 69.6500 69.8000
 RUB /  KGS 1.1735 1.2203
 KZT /  KGS 0.2078 0.2148
 EUR /  KGS 82.2200 83.2000
Currency Buy Sell
USA Dollar USD /  KGS 69.6500 69.8000
 RUB /  KGS 1.1400 1.2100
 KZT /  KGS 0.2040 0.2150
 EUR /  KGS 81.8000 83.2000
Currency 23 November 24 November
USD 69.7048 69.7476
EUR 82.0425 82.6230
RUB 1.1813 1.1930
KZT 0.2111 0.2114
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Граммы buy sell
1.00 4 384.50 -
2.00 7 667.50 -
5.00 17 746.10 17 942.27
10.00 34 754.00 -
31.1035 105 324.00 -
100.00 291 872.75 304 461.00
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Security measures

In order to protect yourself and save money on a card account, be sure to observe the following precautions:

  • Do not keep PIN-code together with payment card.

  • Under no circumstances do not tell anyone the PIN-code.

  • During entering the PIN-code beware that numbers entered must not be visible to unknown persons.

  • Under no circumstances do not hand over the card to other person.

  • In all trade and service outlets all operations with the card must be made in your presence.

  • Do not leave the card in places where strangers can copy the card number and sample of your signature

  • Keep copies of slips issued to you, and sales check with your signature for three months.

  • To prevent damage to magnetic strip, do not keep the card in close vicinity to electromagnetic emitter (displays, televisions, microwave ovens, audio and video equipment, etc.). Be careful during settlements in places where magnetic coding of goods is used - it can lead to failure in processing or improper processing of the card in ATMs and electronic point-of-sale terminal.

PIN-code change

You travel frequently and are concerned about safety of your funds on the card? Find it difficult to remember the PIN-code of your card? Think about where to write down the PIN-code of your card? Forget about these problems! Create a PIN-code for yourself. If you set the PIN-code of your card for yourself, it will be easier for you to remember the order of numbers.


SMS-messages will be sent to your mobile phone every time when there are changes on your card account. If you want to know the account balance or  list of card transactions carried out, - information requested by the request will be sent to you via SMS.

Payment card frauds: