Money transfer
Currency Buy Sell
USA Dollar USD 68.1000 68.3500
 EUR 79.0500 79.9800
 RUB 1.0600 1.0850
 KZT 0.1940 0.2020
Currency Buy Sell
USA Dollar USD /  KGS 68.1000 68.4000
 RUB /  KGS 1.0599 1.0944
 KZT /  KGS 0.1957 0.2036
 EUR /  KGS 79.0000 80.2300
Currency Buy Sell
USA Dollar USD /  KGS 68.1000 68.4000
 RUB /  KGS 1.0500 1.1000
 KZT /  KGS 0.1920 0.2070
 EUR /  KGS 78.9000 80.2000
Currency 20 July 21 July
USD 68.2210 68.2377
EUR 79.2319 79.4389
RUB 1.0782 1.0748
KZT 0.1978 0.1969
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Граммы buy sell
1.00 4 150.01 -
2.00 7 201.83 -
5.00 16 632.95 -
10.00 32 422.94 -
31.1035 98 092.34 -
100.00 269 617.71 -
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Personal Data Processing Conditions

«I hereby express my consent to the processing of my personal data by the Bank (including the receipt from me and / or any third party, subject to the requirements of current legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic). This consent is given for the purposes of execution of contracts concluded between me and the Bank and execution by the Bank the functions on maintenance for the contracts concluded with me and covers the information as follows: surname, name, middle name, year, date and place of birth, address, telephone number and any other information available or known to the Bank at any time (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Data”). This consent is given until complete performance of my obligations under contracts concluded with the Bank and within 5 years from the date of termination of the Contract. After the specified period, the consent shall be deemed extended for each following five years in case of no information about its revocation. The consent may be withdrawn prematurely only after full repayment of the debt under the contracts concluded with the Bank, via written notice to the Bank. I hereby give the Bank my consent to carry out any action in relation to my Personal Data, which are required or desirable for the purpose of execution of the contracts and the implementation of the Bank’s functions in the loan servicing and collection of receivables, as well as the development of new products and services including, without limitations: the collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, change), use, distribution (including transmission), depersonalization, blocking, destruction, cross-border transfer of my Personal Data, as well as performance of any other actions with my Personal Data subject to the provisions of the Law on Personal Data, by the Bank and/or its partners. The Bank processes my Personal Data using the following basic ways of processing of my Personal Data, (but not limited to): storage, recording on electronic media and storage, listing, marking. For the purposes of the Law on Personal Data protection I hereby acknowledge and confirm that this consent is deemed to be given any such third parties by me, subject to appropriate changes, and any such third parties have the right to process my Personal data pursuant to this consent».