Credit card of Kyrgyzkommerts Bank – it is a more comfortable and advantageous alternative for consumer credit. With a credit card You may use means of the Bank while not paying interests, and also obtain different bonuses from purchasing of goods and services.
  • Interest-free crediting period
    In case of debt redemption in due time You are using Bank means and do not pay interests up to 45 days.
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  • Effecting of purchases with credit cards of Kyrgyzkommerts Bank is profitable! Holders of Kyrgyzkommerts credit cards are obtaining up to 20% of bonuses within the network of partners of Rakhmat bonus program.
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  • Upon booking of accommodation at our partner’s website Booking.com, anywhere in the world holders of Kyrgyzkommerts credit cards will receive return of commission at the rate of 7% of booking amount in the form of R - Bonuses!
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  • Commission-free payment for services: For all credit card holders free-of-charge Homebank.kg service is available, the one that allows to pay for the mobile communication, public utility services, satellite TV, Internet and IP telephony at no extra cost and in any place.
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  • At the time of credit card arrangement provision of enormous number of documents is not required, proof of income would be sufficient. Credit card is being issued without pledge and guarantor!
  • With Kyrgyzkommerts credit card required means will always be available. You will always be able to pay for the necessary goods and services,and it does not matter where you are!
  • С кредитными картами Kyrgyzkommerts With Kyrgyzkommerts credit cards You have credit limit up to 500 000 KG som. Creditcard limit– it is a sum of money that is always available when You need it. Afte reach redemption of credit-card debt, Your credit card limit is being renewed.
  • It is a payment in percentage correlation from credit-card debt amount. Payment shall be provided on a monthly bases at the last business day of the month (at closing day of the month in a card system) at the rate of 5% from principal amount of debt, but not less than 500 KG som.
  • In order to redeem Your Kyrgyzkommerts credit card indebtedness there is no need to apply for bank departments, credit card can also be replenished at any time convenient for You through ATM machines with cash-in function.
  • Is a protection of Your monetary funds at conceptually new level

    - it is near-impossible to falsify this chip, i.e. to read data as from magnetic tape

    - all card operation sare required to be confirmed with PIN-code entry

    Credit card with chip – is a guarantee of Your purchases abroad without any problems, since these cards are accepted by each and every sales outlets as distinct from cards with magnetic tape

  • Payment for the purchases made in an Internet network is safe, easy and comfortable with Kyrgyzkommerts credit cards!

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  • With an aid of free-of-charge Homebank.kg service You may set an amount limit for credit card financial transactions at Your own discretion, available for all Kyrgyzkommerts card-holders.

  • With an aid of free-of-charge Homebank.kg service You may independently disable restrictions for the required period of time for maximum cash-out amount, carrying out of transactions in POS-terminals and online payments, available for all Kyrgyzkommerts card-holders.

    Restrictions on maximum amount are getting automatically enabled for the avoidance of fraud on part of third parties.

  • To draw up
    an application on the web-site
  • To bring
    documents to the Bank
  • Card delivery