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MasterCard credit cards with grace period

31 October 2017

Need to buy a gift or immediately pay the lease? Unexpected expenses? Have you dreamed of buying a new gadget for a long time, but you do not have the right amount?

In this case, you will need a credit card from Kyrgyzkommertsbank!

After all, a credit card is a quick and convenient way to get money with no problem. A grace period of up to 45 days will give you the opportunity to take the right amount, purchase what you dreamed of, and then refund the money received - for example, after you have received  a salary. The only thing that is required from the cardholder is a serious approach, keeping track of the days remaining until the end of the grace period and the ability to rationally manage your finances.

Credit cards from Kyrgyzkommertsbank have such advantages as:

  • Interest-free lending period. In case of debt repayment on time, you use the Bank's funds and do not pay interest up to 45 days.
  • A credit card is issued without collateral or guarantors! When you issue a credit card, you do not need to provide a huge number of documents, just a certificate confirming the income.
  •  With a credit card of Kyrgyzkommertsbank, a credit limit of up to 500,000 soms is available to you. After each repayment of your credit card debt, your credit limit is renewed.
  •  Minimum monthly payment - only 5% of the principal amount!
  •  To pay off your debts on the credit card of Kyrgyzkommertsbank, you do not need to contact the Bank's office! The card can be replenished at any time convenient for you through ATMs with the function of accepting cash (Cash-in).
  •  For all credit card holders, the Internet banking service is available, which allows you to pay for cellular services, utilities, satellite TV, Internet and telephony without commission.

And also another nice bonus - you can get a card staying at home! Just fill in the online application, and it will be delivered to any place and time convenient for you!

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