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For the first time ever in Kyrgyzstan – World Elite Mastercard

26 Junuary 2018

World Elite Mastercard – is a bank card of Elite level, taking the highest ranking within the hierarchy of payment card of the world. With an aid of this card You obtain access to the elite service and unlimited opportunities at any time and throughout the world!

Kyrgyzkommertsbank – is the first bank in Kyrgyzstan that has offered World Elite Mastercard to its clients, a genuinely elite product, which considers individual needs of high-income persons in the best possible way and provides its holder with an access to the service of the highest Elite class, both at home and abroad.
Convenient concierge service of Elite level for the holders of World Elite Mastercard includes services on arrangement of business appointments, travelling, entertainment, shopping, assistance in a daily routine both on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic and abroad. For example, reservation of trips, flight tickets, searching of hotels all around the world or assistance in purchasing of goods and arrangement of events in any country of the world now You can entrust to the Сoncierge service.

Mastercard Company offers an invitation to the Holders of World Elite card to enjoy opportunities of 9 exclusive Mastercard Business Lounges free of charge in the cities of Europe,as well as VIP-lounge at Manas International Airport. An excellent service is waiting for You here, cozy atmosphere of comfort and quietness.
Besides Business Lounges of Mastercard with World Elite card You will have an access to Business Lounge Key in more than 600 largest International Airports of the world with two free of charge accesses per year as a gift from the Bank. The complete list of conditions and services is available at the following link: https://www.loungekey.com/kyrgyzkommertsbank.

In addition World Elite Masterсard from Kyrgyz kommertsbank possesses an extrinsic value due to unique Insurance Program Certificate when leaving for abroad with the cover amount that equals to $1,000,000 – medical assistance, accident insurance, compensation for the loss of luggage, purchase protection and many other things.

If You are leaving for abroad on numerous occasions, then with the World Elite Card You can become the participant of more than 40 elite clubs of the most prestige world brands, i.e. undisputable leaders in the sphere of service and entertainment. Within the frame work of benefits program Masterсard provides the holders of World Elite cards with special service conditions and discounts.
In addition You have extra bonuses and benefits from Kyrgyzkommertsbank partners in Kyrgyzstan waiting for You based on Rakhmat loyalty program, as well as 24-hours Global Support Desk of Masterсard in Russian language abroad.

Kyrgyzkommertsbank provides its Clients with an opportunity to become the holder of not only debit but also a credit World Elite Masterсard. With a credit limit and grace period up to 60 days You may not worry about how much do You have funds left on Your account, since this card will always be ready to help You out with an amount You need.

You can get to know even more about the benefits of World Elite Masterсard at the web-site www.kkb.kg/worldelite.

You can order this card online with free delivery without leaving Your home via the following link:

Debit card 
Credit card 

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