Money transfer
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USA Dollar USD 84.8000 84.9000
 EUR 95.6000 97.0000
 RUB 1.0980 1.1280
 KZT 0.1700 0.2020
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USA Dollar USD /  KGS 84.7000 84.9000
 RUB /  KGS 1.0857 1.1326
 KZT /  KGS 0.1848 0.2079
 EUR /  KGS 95.3700 98.5000
Currency Buy Sell
USA Dollar USD /  KGS 84.8000 84.9000
 RUB /  KGS 1.0500 1.1700
 KZT /  KGS 0.1400 0.2200
 EUR /  KGS 92.0000 100.0000
Currency 20 Junuary 21 Junuary
USD 84.7977 84.7819
EUR 96.1055 96.2614
RUB 1.1031 1.1091
KZT 0.1952 0.1952
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1.00 5 000.00 -
2.00 10 000.00 -
5.00 21 000.00 -
10.00 42 000.00 -
31.1035 130 000.00 -
100.00 420 000.00 -
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Insurance risk 

Limit of responsibility 

Franchise, part of loss  non-returnable by insurance company 


Expenses for emergency medical evacuation and repatriation / Transportation of remains of deceased / Return of dependent children
Medical expenses
Accident insurance

Discount for inconvenience / Delay of trip

Insurance applies only to period of time more than 4 hours and is limited to 12 hours of waiting 

$ 40.00
First 4 hours and over 12 hours

Luggage delay

Insurance applies only to period of time more than 4 hours and is limited to 12 hours of waiting 

$ 40.00
Purchase protection
$5,000.00 per annum and $250 for one item

Medical evacuation and repatriation insurance, is provided in the event of rendering help to Cardholder in case of his disease or injury during his stay abroad, and if in the view of International SOS such measures are necessary for medical reasons. International SOS arranges transportation of Cardholder to the nearest hospital or International SOS arranges repatriation of Cardholder to his country of residence.

Means or method of evacuation / repatriation is determined by International SOS. If dependent children are left unattended as a result of injury or illness of Cardholder during his stay abroad, International SOS organizes transportation for such dependent children to the country of permanent residence of Cardholder. 

Accident insurance applies only in case of death or disability of GOLDCARD holder (insured person) as a result of an accident. Insurance covers cardholders who are under 76 years of age.

Insurance coverage for "Discount for inconvenience / Delay of trip" applies in case of Cancellation of trip as a result of:

а. strikes;

б. unfavorable weather conditions;

в. mechanical failure or malfunction of aircraft or sea vessel of Cardholder; or

г. temporary grounding as a result of mechanical or structural defect of the aircraft on which a Cardholder was supposed to travel;

which leads to Cardholder’s flight delay for at least 4 (four) hours for external or return flights.

If Cardholder’s luggage was temporarily lost or moved to external flights due to the fault of transport operator, Cardholder will be paid compensation within set limits for each hour of delay, taking into account established franchise.