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Financing of export-oriented and import-substituting enterprises – 1

Kyrgyzkommertsbank OJSC provides a loan for the development of small business in Bishkek. Take a loanfor a short period in the Bank without much effort.

Standard conditions of the lending program "Financing of export-oriented and import-substituting enterprises – 1»: 

Loan/credit line currency  KG soms (KGS)
Loan / tranche / credit line amount

up to 100 000 000 KG soms

Interest rate *

10% per annum

The maximum term of a credit line

up to 36 months for current assets

up to 60 months for fixed assets
The maximum term of a loan / tranche under a credit line

from 3 to 36 months current assets

from 3 to 60 months fixed assets

Commission for the organization of a credit line

0% from the loan amount

Form of repayment

- Payment of interest on a monthly basis

- Payment of the principal after the grace period is established monthly, in equal shares,

Grace period

- Grace period for repayment of principal amount is 6 months;

- Grace period on interest repayment is not provided;
Continuous term of business at the time of applying to the bank Stable business that is valid for at least 6 months (without interruption) in the sphere of trade or services, the sphere of production, prior to applying for a loan
Form of financing Loan, Credit line (renewable / non-renewable) according to the decision of the Authorized body
Purpose of lending

Entrepreneurs engaged in activities for the production of goods, services and goods of export-oriented nature in manufacturing and export-oriented and import-substituting nature - in the light industry and the sector of processing of agricultural products, including the agricultural services sector, as well as the production of finished products that have no analogues in the republic. Including:

a) manufacturing industry, based on the output of finished products, by processing and (or) using at least 50 percent of local raw materials and materials;

b) light industry: -textile (including cotton, woolen, knitted, felt and netmaking);

c) food industry and processing of agricultural products:

d) industrial production of equipment, products and goods that have no analogues in the republic, as well as the production of high-tech products and equipment.

e) it is possible to refinance existing debts, including in other banks, if the target industry meets the previously received loan funds for the above purposes, while the total amount allocated for refinancing should not exceed 50 percent of the total amount of financing for each specific loan.


In accordance with the pledge policy of the Bank

Terms of consideration of applications 15 days 
Obligatory terms and conditions

1) for the import-substituting enterprises, a production line is mandatory; absence of negative credit history and overdue debt of borrowers on loans in banks; absence of arrears in tax and other mandatory contributions; availability of opportunities to expand / increase output.

2) for export-oriented enterprises, a certificate of origin of CT-1 form is required, indicating that the country of origin is the Kyrgyz Republic; production line; absence of negative credit history and overdue debt of borrowers on loans in banks; absence of arrears in tax and other mandatory contributions, as well as the possibility of expanding / increasing output.

3) fixed assets not used directly in the production process (purchase of movable and immovable property not for production purposes, auxiliary equipment) are not subject to financing.

* Effective interest rate: from 10.62%.

List of documents in business

List of documents in collateral security 


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Calculate loan repayment

The calculation result is informative. The exact parameters of the loan will be calculated by the Bank by results of consideration of your application. Please note that the exact calculation and repayment schedule will provide You with a credit specialist in the Bank’s offices.