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Agricultural financing -6

Kyrgyzkommertsbank OJSC provides a loan for the development of agriculture in Bishkek. Take a loan from the Bank without commission for issuing a loan.

Standard Terms of the Loan Program "Agricultural financing " -6”:

Options Content 
1. Target Group Plant growing, livestock, processing of agricultural products.
2. Целевое назначение


  • In livestock sector:

This sector includes subjects engaged in:

-breeding of cattle, including the breeding of yaks;

- breeding of sheep, goats, horses, rabbits;

-breeding of birds (chickens, ducks, geese, ostriches, quails and other agricultural birds);

- breeding of honey bees, including the production of honey bees and beeswax;

-fishing and activity of fish hatcheries and fish farms;

- breeding of pigs.

• The following breeds are related to pedigree cattle:

- cattle (Alatau, Russian Black Pied cattle, Aulie-Ata, as well as Holstein, Jersey, Simmental, Ayshire, Hereford, Dutch, Yaroslavl, Kholmogory), yaks and horses;

-sheep (fine-fleeced, Tien Shan half- fine-fleeced, Alai and merino).

The subjects of this branch within the framework of this Project can receive a loan of up to 3 (three) million KG soms per one borrower. Subjects who purchase pedigree livestock and cattle for artificial insemination, regardless of the form of ownership – both physical and legal persons, can obtain a loan of up to 10 (ten) million KG soms. 


  • In plant growing sector:

The plant growing sector includes:

- growing of cereals;

- cultivation of industrial crops;

- growing of vegetables, melons and gourds;

- horticulture, nursery;

- keeping a green house;

- growing of fruits and berries;

- development of a drip irrigation system;

- storage and warehousing.

To obtain a loan under the project the subjects engaged in plant growing  must necessarily have their own or rented agricultural land, with the availability of a document certifying the availability of such land (certificate, lease agreement, purchase agreement, etc.).

Limitations on the maximum amount of credit for the subjects of the "plant growing" sector are not established.


  • In processing industry sector:

This sector includes:

-processing of agricultural products (cereals, legumes, meat, skins, milk of large and small cattle, etc.);

-processing and conservation of fish and fish products;

-processing and conservationof fruits, vegetables and berries;

-production of vegetable and animal oils and fats;

-production of feed for farm animals;

-production of food products from agricultural products (including from secondary raw materials of agricultural products), except for the production of mineral waters;

-production of fertilizers and nitrogen compounds for agriculture;

-packing, warehousing and storage of agricultural products, including vegetable stores;

-slaughter shops for agricultural livestock and birds;

-logistics centers for organization of purchases, storage, transportation and marketing of agricultural products.

The first category of entities includes enterprises with the availability of 20 positions and within the framework of this Project can receive a loan in the amount not exceeding 150 (one hundred and fifty) million KG soms per one borrower.

The second category of entities includes enterprises with up to 20 positions and within the framework of this Project can receive a loan in the amount not exceeding 10 (ten) million KG soms per borrower.

Within the framework of this Project, all stages of the production cycle can be financed, including the purchase of fixed and circulating assets, as well as the financing of payroll funds.

3. Obligatory terms and conditions for loan obtaining  The subjects of the branch must be residents of the Kyrgyz Republic and properly registered in all state bodies of the Kyrgyz Republic, including the tax service and the social fund
4. Priority subjects in loan obtaining are 

In livestock sector:

Priority is given to entities that have concluded agreements (contracts) with processing enterprises for the supply of their products

In plant growing sector:

The priority direction in this sector is financing of production of export crops, as well as management of greenhouse farms and financing projects for the introduction of a drip irrigation system

In the processing industry sector:

The priority subjects in this industry are as follows:

- agricultural products that are export-oriented;

- those who concluded agreements (contracts) with local producers for the supply of agricultural products (raw materials);

The processing enterprises are allowed to receive parallel financing within the framework of this Project, in the event that there is funding from the Russian-Kyrgyz Development Fund
5. Special terms and conditions for lending on a non-collateral basis. Loan proceeds in the amount of up to 100 (one hundred) thousand KG soms for individual loans and up to 500 (five hundred thousand) KG soms for group loans can be issued on a non-pledged basis with a repayment term of up to 12 months, subject to a written recommendation of the Council of Elders / Aksakals / Village. At the same time, the total amount sent for these purposes should not exceed 5 percent of the total amount of lending.
6. Additional terms and conditions for subjects

In livestock sector:

The funds allocated to this industry should not exceed 50% of the total amount of financing, NLT 10% from them should be used to purchase pedigree livestock. Subjects who received a loan for the purchase of animals shall provide a document from the authorized state body in the field of veterinary medicine about the identification of acquired animalswithin 3 months.

In plant growing sector:

Funds sent for this industry should not exceed 25% of the total amount of financing, not more than 50% from them for gardening.

In processing industry sector:

Funds directed to the industry should be at least 25% of the total funding
7. Loan term Not more than 36 months for working capital
8. Maximum loan amount per one business entity The amount of the loan should not exceed 150 million KG soms per business entity
9. Loan currency  Kyrgyz som (KGS)
10. Interest rate


10 percent per annum - for "livestock" and "plant growing" industries;
6 percent per annum - for the "processing of agricultural products" sector;
8 percent per annum:
- for subjects engaged in gardening;

- for subjects that purchase pedigree cattle.

11. Commission or other fees 0% from the loan amount
12. Repayment schedule

Payment of interest is monthly *.

Payment of principal after the grace period is established monthly, in equal parts, quarterly *.
13. Grace period

Grace period for repayment of principal amount is 6 months *;

  - Grace period on interest repayment is not provided;
14. Penalties

1. If the repayment on the schedule falls on a working day, the penalty is calculated based on the nominal interest rate per annum from the day after the maturity date (for legal entities, the penalty is calculated based on the double nominal interest rate).

2. In case of misuse of the loan, the interest rate on the loan is set at 30% per annum from the date of the loan.

3.For early repayment of the loan- commission is 0%., (Application 3 days earlier)

4. In case of loan restructuring, extension provision, the interest rate on the loan is recalculated in accordance with the effective interest rate at the Bank, and the amount of the commission is established by the decision of the Credit Committee of Kyrgyzkommertsbank OJSC
15. Loan refinancing  It is not entitled to refinance existing debts of borrowers
16. Monitoring of the targeted loan use 

Monitoring of loans is made in accordance with the Guidelines for lending to the IB and the lending manual for the CB, taking into account the mandatory provision of the following documents that confirm the intended use of the loan:

Photos of purchased cattle, feed, seeds, fertilizers, raw materials for processing agricultural products, etc.

Copies of agreements / contracts, certificates and / or invoices, waybills and confirming payment documents on payment for purchased inventory items of agricultural purpose, including: biological assets, agricultural products, seeds, mineral fertilizers, fuel and lubricants and spare parts for agricultural equipment, on payment of services (should be provided together with a report on the use of funds)

Information from the cattle market /purchase contract between individuals, certified in the village district  or a certificate from local authorities on the composition and quantity of cattle (extract from the household book). Also within 3 months provide a document from the authorized veterinary state body on the identification of the animals acquired.

Documentsconfirming the purchase of fodder for livestock or the availability of agricultural land for the cultivation of crops or a purchase contract between individuals, certified in the village district.

Within one month from the date of receipt of the loan, agricultural producers must submit reports on the intended use, with applications of documentary evidence (agreements / contracts, certificates, invoices and / or waybills, payment documents and other documents).

Within the next 2 months, after receiving from the borrower for the intended use, authorized employees of the Bank will carry out monitoring during their sit visit, which will be formalized by an internal audit report. In case of non-targeted use of the loan, an appropriate act must be drawn up and this issue should be submitted to the Credit Committee of Kyrgyzkommertsbank OJSC.
17. General terms and conditions for loan According to the internal regulatory documents and the requirements of KyrgyzkommertsbankOJSC.
18. Security   As security can be taken property that meets the requirements of Pledge Policy and the terms of the Product Program

* Separate conditions and requirements for the matrix "Agricultural Financing -6" can be changed with the written permission of the Ministry of Economics and / or the Ministry of Finance, according to the decision of the Credit Committee of KyrgyzcommerzbankOJSC.

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Calculate loan repayment

The calculation result is informative. The exact parameters of the loan will be calculated by the Bank by results of consideration of your application. Please note that the exact calculation and repayment schedule will provide You with a credit specialist in the Bank’s offices.