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Bank account of client: opening, maintaining and closing

Tariffs are valid
from 1.01.2018 until 31.12.2018.

Types of services

Operations in the currency of Kyrgyzstan

Operations in hard currency and currency of the CIS countries

Bank account: opening, maintaining and closing


Opening of bank account:



- for legal entities

200 som



300 som


- for farm households and private entrepreneurs

100 som



200 som


Opening of an accumulation account

free of charge


Onlinebank  (Remote management of bank account)



free of charge


One-time payment for the EDS carrier – 1 (one) RUTOKEN

2400 Som
  Annual fee for issuanceof a certificate 1200 Som
  Monthly subscription fee for the maintenance of "Onlinebank" accounts. Technical support, including in view mode 400 som


Maintaining of bank account:

100 som


Provision of account balance statements:

  Provision of account balance statement on a paper medium  100 som
  Provision of account balance statement in an electronic version  free of charge


- in original currency with indication of equivalent in KGS based on official exchange rate of the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic 

free of charge


Provision certificates on request of client concerning account balance and operations on the account:


- for certificate-letter (on headed notepaper)

100 som


- for standard certificate (on letterform)

30 som


- of account balance deposited in cash in order to obtain certificate (on headed notepaper)

500 som

2.2.4. - about availability and the status of bank account in English language (on a letterhead paper)  500 som
2.2.5. Commission fee for the provision of certificates about the status and presence of loan indebtedness and other loan certificates  150 som
2.2.6. Commission fee for the provision of certificates on turnovers 300 som
2.2.7. Commission fee on confirmation for an independent Auditors issued on hand or sent by fax  300 som


Issuance of certificates about availability of correspondent account of "Kyrgyzkommertsbank" OJSC

200 som + mail and telegraph expenses individually for each client


Implementation of investigation on payments (according to submitted application)

free of charge

20$ + commission of corresponding bank

 (or equivalent in soms at the discount  rate of NB KR as of payment day)


Acceptance of changes to payment documents when making payments and notification of beneficiary bank about the change

free of charge

20$ + commission of corresponding bank

 (or equivalent in soms at the discount  rate of NB KR as of payment day)


Annulment of payment within operational day:


- between accounts of one client

free of charge


- external payment (before sending) (subject to acceptance of the beneficiary)

free of charge


Acceptance of request on recall of payment order at client's request 

200 som

2 500 som


Closing of bank account:


- at zero credit balance

free of charge


- at zero credit balance 

200 som

* Type of VATable services, (VAT is charged additionally), tariffs include sales tax
** Commission fee is charged only one time for maintaining of Electronic client, an extra commission fee for keeping accounts is not charged 
*** Increasing of amount of letter of credit / guarantee is regarded as an independent issuance of letters of credit / guarantee for calculation of commission.
Attention: tariffs indicated in foreign currency are paid in Som the accounting rate of the National Bank of Kyrgyzstan as of payment day.

In accordance with the Bank's tariff policy for particularclients, the Bank may consider the possibility of setting individual tariffs on the basis of client’s written request.