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 EUR /  KGS 92.0000 100.0000
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USD 84.7946 84.7946
EUR 95.7543 95.7543
RUB 1.1499 1.1499
KZT 0.1944 0.1944
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For travelers abroad

Following recommendations will be useful to you if you are a holder of the card, issued by "Kyrgyzkommertsbank" OJSC and travelling abroad.

Which card to choose?

All cards issued by "Kyrgyzkommertsbank" are international and valid nearly in all countries. Range of choice varies from budget cards Visa Electron and Cirrus Maestro to presentable Visa Gold and MasterCard Platinum. To understand which card will be more convenient for you in travel, you need to decide how you will use it. If you plan to pay for car rental, you need class of card not lower than Visa Classic and MasterCard Standard.

Card validity

If you plan to use the card while travelling, check the card expiry date, in order not to be abroad with expired card. If the card expires during a trip, then see about its reissuance in advance.

One account – two cards!

For abroad travels, we strongly recommend to have two cards of different payment systems. For example, if you have a card of Visa International payment system, as an additional card you may choose a card of MasterCard International payment system, and vice versa. Availability of two cards of different payment systems will help you in unfortunate situation when, for example, on technical grounds, it is impossible to carry out operation on card of particular payment system. Availability of cards of both payment systems will help you in cases when trade and service enterprises accept cards only of one payment system.

Blocking of payment card

What to do if the card is lost or stolen? It is necessary to inform the Bank as soon as possible. Safety of your money on the card depends on how quickly you report the loss/theft of your card to the staff of call-center. Blocking of the card is also available through option of  card blocking via SMS-banking.

PIN-code change

If you have several cards, and find it difficult to remember their PIN-codes, PIN-code change service will help you. PIN-code change is strongly recommended to cardholders conducting transactions at ATMs in the UK, Ukraine, UAE, Russia and United States, and if you suspect that your PIN-code has become known to strangers.

SMS-banking – is a very useful service for cardholders, which can be used at any time to control all operations on card accounts. Upon availability of roaming all options of SMS-banking become available beyond Kyrgyzstan. 

Card Risk Management Directorate strongly recommends to subscribe to SMS-banking to clients traveling abroad, especially to Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, US and UK.

Which payment card to use?

If you have large credit limit or large sum of own money on the card, then you should pay more attention to security of transactions. Ideally, you should have different cards for different categories of transactions. For example, to have separate card for payments in restaurants, nightclubs, small souvenir shops, small grocery stores, etc. To set certain spending limit on this card, for example, 500 US dollars (or another amount at your choice) per day / week / month. For payments in hotels, car rental agencies, jewelry stores, buying tickets, etc. you can use other card without spending limit.


 It is important to remember that the Bank continuously monitors all transactions conducted by cardholders of "Kyrgyzkommertsbank" OJSC. In the event that transaction raises doubts (for example, because of large amount or place), then it will be answered "Contact with issuing bank" (response code 01 «Refer to card issuer» or «Call Issuer»). In accordance with the rules of international payment systems, business / service point in case of receipt of such  response should contact its servicing bank and carry out operation in a "special regime", which implies an additional authentication of card and identity of person presenting the card. However, sales and service outlets do not follow instructions all the time upon receipt of such response, and often simply refuse to provide service, which is a violation of the rules established by international payment systems. In this case you need to contact 24 hour operating call-center by tel.: +7 (7272) 585 257 or +7 (7272) 585 255, and cancel limit to carry out current operation or to cancel limit during the trip. If you are planning to carry out significant transactions during a trip, it is better to cancel limitations beforehand.

Cash withdrawal

It is important to remember that the payment card is not a tool for taking out  large amounts of money abroad. Therefore, in some countries there is a limitation on cash issuance. Usually, it is  5,000 US dollars per day. This restriction may cover both ATMs and cash points. This should be remembered if you want to withdraw large amount of cash during a trip.

Urgent payment of cash and issuance of temporary card

Holders of Visa Classic / MasterCard Standard and higher class cards can make use of service for urgent payment of cash and issuance of temporary card. If you need one of these services (because of card loss or theft), contact 24-hour call-center of the Bank at +7 (7272) 585257 or +7 (7272) 585255 and inform:

  • Amount of cash You need (up to 5000 USD)

  • Contact telephone number

  • Country and city of stay

  • Language in which you will talk to operator of global support service of Visa International or MasterCard International (Russian or English)

After that operator of global support service of Visa International and MasterCard International will contact you and inform where and how you can receive money.