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USA Dollar USD 84.8000 84.9000
 EUR 95.3000 96.8000
 RUB 1.1450 1.1600
 KZT 0.1900 0.2060
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USA Dollar USD /  KGS 0.0000 0.0000
 RUB /  KGS 0.0000 0.0000
 KZT /  KGS 0.0000 0.0000
 EUR /  KGS 0.0000 0.0000
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USA Dollar USD /  KGS 84.8000 84.9000
 RUB /  KGS 1.1000 1.2000
 KZT /  KGS 0.1800 0.2300
 EUR /  KGS 92.0000 100.0000
Currency 4 December 5 December
USD 84.7946 84.7946
EUR 95.7543 95.7543
RUB 1.1499 1.1499
KZT 0.1944 0.1944
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Investment funds

Kyrgyzkommertsbank OJSC provides a loan for development of small business in Bishkek. To get the loan for a short period in the Bank without much effort.

Standard terms of the “Investment funds” loan program: 

Currency of credit / credit line KGS / USD
Loan / tranche / loan facility amount


1. до  USD 50,000 (KGS equivalent)
2. от  USD 50,001 (KGS equivalent)

3. до KGS 1 000 000 (USD equivalent)

Remuneration rate (% per annum) USD*

  1. from 14%;
  2. from 12%$
  3. from 16%

Remuneration rate (% per annum) KGS*

1) from 20%;
2) from 18%;

3) from 24%

The limit maximum term

Up to 60 months

The loan / tranche maximum term under the loan facility

From 3 up to 60 months

Charge for organization of the loan facility


upon concluding a contract the limit

from 1% of the loan / loan facility amount

(amount of the loan facility limit increase)

up to the amount of 10 000 USD, single payment – 100 USD

Form of repayment

Repayment by annuity, monthly;                         

A flexible schedule is possible (only after repayment of the principal debt for a period determined by an Authorized Authority).


In case of provision of a real estate as a security – subject to the decision of the Authorized Body;
In case of provision of movable property being purchased as a security – Presence of insurance coverage is mandatory.

Insurance package for the whole credit period is possible subject to the decision of the Authorized Body.

Continuous term of business at the time of applying to the bank

Stable business that is valid for at least 6 months (without interruption) in the sphere of trade or services, the sphere of production prior to applying for the loan 

Form of financing

Loan, loan facility (revolving / non-revolving) according to decision of an Authorized Authority

Loan purpose

1. Replenishment / acquisition of investment funds, including purchase of vehicles for business purposes;

2. Issue of documentary operations products within the established limit;

3. Refinancing of the Borrower’s outstanding loans in another FCI, if the loan was received for purposes corresponding to this program;

4. Refinancing of private loans.


Collateral of movable and immovable property meeting the requirements of Kyrgyzkommertsbank.

Terms of application processing 8 days
Obligatory provisions

Full transfer of turnovers to Kyrgyzkommertsbank by decision of an Authorized Authority.

Initial contribution upon the purchase of the vehicle is 30% or more of the cost of the vehicle to be purchased. (Optional when providing additional security). 

When buying used automobile down payment is 40% and more from the cost of automobile being purchased upon security in the form of movable property being purchased, and in the event of absence of the down payment provision of a security in the form of a real estate.

* Effective interest rate: in USD from 13,37%%, in KGS from 25,34%

** Interest rate and repayment schedule depend on the requested amount, loan term, financial solvency, collateral provided, etc. Upon your request, the credit manager will provide you with a repayment schedule according to the amount requested and above conditions.

List of documents concerning business

List of documents concerning pledge security

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Calculate loan repayment

The calculation result is informative. The exact parameters of the loan will be calculated by the Bank by results of consideration of your application. Please note that the exact calculation and repayment schedule will provide You with a credit specialist in the Bank’s offices.