To manage money staying at home or office, the financial portal Homebank.kg was developed.
It will allow you to manage your funds easily and efficiently and save time for more important things. Thanks to the financial portal Homebank.kg you can use a wide range of financial services simple and easy.
  • Account details
    Always be aware of your expenses
  • R-bonuses
    View your savings with Rakhmat bonus program
  • 3D-Secure Password
    Secure Your Internet Payments
  • 24/7 Payments
    Cellular communication, Internet, telephony, etc.
  • Transfers
    Manage your accounts at any time
  • Limits and restrictions
    Customize limits and restrictions at your will
Advantages of Homebank.kg
  • Confidentiality
    and Security
  • 24-hour access
    24-hour operative access to payment services, no need to contact the service provider
  • Geographical independence
    - access from any corner of the world. All advantages of Homebank.kg are available to all holders of bank cards of Kyrgyzkommertsbank OJSC
  • Guarantee of protection
    of transmitted information
  • Homebank.kg
    How to register
  • Homebank.kg
    How to make payments
  • Registration in Homebank.kg portal takes minimum of time

    • Follow the link www.homebank.kg - Registration
    • Enter the details of your KYRGYZKOMMERTS payment card (card number, expiration date and code on the back of the card)
    • Enter the date of your birth
    • Enter the codeword you specified when completing the card issue form.
    • Enter the mobile number in the format: +996 (operator code) number.
    • Enter the code sent by the SMS message in the appropriate field below.
    • Create a password to log in to Homebank.kg according to the conditions indicated in the icon/sign
    • You will be assigned a digital ID to enter Homebank.kg

    Attention! Remember your ID and password and do not tell anyone.

    Employees of the Bank never request this information.

    For registration please contact Call-Center: +996 (312) 333 000 (доб.1)

  • Making a payment in Homebank.kg portal is very simple.

    Log in to the portal www.homebank.kg, go to the “Payments” section, select the desired service and make a payment using the KYRGYZKOMMERTS card.

    Mobile communication

    Utility fees

    Satellite TV, internet, telephony

    For payments in the Homebank portal, please, contact the Call-Center: +996 (312) 333 000 (доб.1)

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